The Geoportal

One part of the GEOIDEA.RO project consists of creating geoportal technologies and tools for the publishing and retrieval of geospatial data. Thus, the GEOIDEA.RO Geoportal has been launched as a testing prototype and research tool for the project. The GEOIDEA.RO Geoportal allows you to visualize and download spatial data pertaining to Romania. The list of available datasets will grow with the advance in the project. You can acces the prototype of the geoportal here.

Please feel free to try it out! You can send us remarks and ideas at .

Technical Requirements

There is no need for any login or plugin and it is supported by Firefox 3.5 or higher, Opera 9 or higher, Chrome 3 or higher, Safari 5 or higher and other browsers with native SVG (or HTML5/SVG) support (e.g. Camino). However Internet Explorer is not supported.