The ETH Zurich and the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest are proud to present to you the Geoidea.ro project. Geoidea.ro stands for GEodata Openness Initative for Development and Economic Advancement in ROmania and started in January 2013. It aims at improving the scientific basis for open geodata model adoption in Romania. This project is co-financed by a grant from Switzerland through the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union via the Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme.

On this website, you can follow the news about the project, keep up with the progress and access documents related to the project. You can also follow the project on the social media.


07.07.2015– New Deliverables online

Three new deliverables have been published: "Open geodata survey results", "Interviews on open geodata", and " Reports on FOSS solutions available to create, maintain and publish open geodata". They are available here.

08.04.2015– New Server

The geoportal is now running on a brand new server! The new geoportal can be found here.

26.03.2015– Download - new functionality

After hearing the request several times, we finally set up the possibility to download the whole extent of the datasets, not just a specified frame. Mind the download time that can be longer.

20.03.2015– Metadata

Metadata are being added incrementally to the geodata of the geoportal.

22.12.2014 – New report online

Report 13 has been published on the website. It cover the conceptual geodatabase data model for the geoportal. Go have a look on the results page.

17.12.2014 – New report online

Report 15 has been published on the website.It list and explains the web services that have been implemented in the geoportal. Go have a look on the results page.

28.11.2014 – New datasets online

There are some brand new datasets on the geoportal! Go have a look at it here.

13.10.2014 – New report online

Deliverable 05 is now accessible under the Results section. If you want to know more about drivers and barriers for open data policy, go have look at the report.

26.05.2014 - New datasets online

We gladly announce the publication of new datasets on the GEOIDEA.RO geoportal! The data source is the official Romanian open data portal and the data cover the following topics: livestock numbers and medical expenses. The spatialization of information has been realized by the GEOIDEA.RO team. At the same time, the CCIAS offered to publish a sample of hydrogeological data and it is now available too. To the geoportal.

16.04.2014 – Summary of the Open Data Hackathon

The GEOIDEA.RO team together with the Coalition for Open Data and the governmental Departament of Online Service and Design organized a two-day hackathon. Read the summary here.

29.01.2014 – Newsletter 2014 n°1 is there!

The issue n°1 of the Newsletter gives you a summary of what has been done in 2013 for the GEOIDEA.RO project. You can find it here. If you would like to receive the future newsletters directly to your email, please send us an short email at geoidea@ethz.ch.

28.01.2014 – First Reports for the Project Online

The first reports concerning the project are accessible online through this website. Please keep in mind that these are first versions of the reports and thus might still be modified. To read them, go here.

30.10.2013 – First Romanian Dataset online

We are really happy to announce that the first romanian dataset is on the geoportal! The Dobrogea Maps are produced and released as opendata by the University of Bucharest, Faculty of Geography. They were mostly produced for touristic purposes. Go have a look at here.

11.06.2013 – Vector download

It is now possible to download the vector layers available on the geoportal. They are only available in shapefile format and in the Romanian projection (Stereo 70). You can have look at it here.

30.05.2013 – The Name Search function is now available

You can now look for the name of a place thanks to a Search Name function and zoom to that place by clicking on the result. You can have look at it here. This functionality is powered by Geonames.org.

09.04.2013 – The 3D mode is now working!

You can now generate a block diagram of any selected area and enjoy a 3D view of the landscape. You can have look at it here. Works with Firefox, Chrome and Safari when the WebGL extension is activated.

30.01.2013 – The prototype is here

First release of the prototype for the GEOIDEA.RO project. You can have look at it here.